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    ⭐Large Luxury Jar Candle - This big 320 gram candle weights a full 0.7 pounds. Enjoy 3 layers of fabulous natural herbal fragrances. Just what you need to fill your home or workplace with a relaxing, inspiring, energizing aroma to make your day more enjoyable. Perfect for living room, office, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

    ⭐Burns Up to 45 Hours - You get long lasting enjoyment day after day and night after night with soft, natural, romantic light. The candle changes fragrances as it burns down through the 3 layers. This is the one of the most impressive innovations in today's finest candles. Made of premium soy wax with high quality natural wick for smokeless performance.

    ⭐Choose From Favorite Natural Fragrances - We offer a wide assortment of natural blends, all customer favorites. Choose from Apple Cinnamon, Balsam Cedar, Lavender Bergamot, Salt Caramel and Midnight Lights. These include favorite natural herbal ingredients like Pineapple, Butter, Sea Salt, Lilac, Papaya, Jasmine, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Pine Tree, Rosemary and many more.

    ⭐Special Fancy Features - This includes a natural wooden lid with luxury leather label. Everyone loves the special hourglass shaped jar. This makes a fine visual statement when placed on a shelf, counter, night stand or coffee table. Add one to your office desk for more enjoyable work. Also works great to freshen a musty room. Enjoy daily for weeks.

    ⭐ Great Gift Idea - Just right for an impressive birthday gift, holiday present, or for Mother's Day and Christmas. Many people are stocking up with all the various fragrances for premium jar candles for every room in the home. Get yours while we have the complete selection in plentiful supply. They are selling fast after being named a top gift idea.

Lavender & Bergamot, Hourglass Large Jar Candles for Home - HomeLights 3-Layer Highly Scented Candles - Burns Up to 45 Hours, Natural Soy Wax, Wooden

Luxury Scented Candles - Each with 3 layers of favorite natural fragrances. These burn for up to 45 hours thanks to the fine soy wax and smokeless cotton wick. The top layer features a rich blend of herbal scents, the middle layer offers another, and the bottom layer has a special blend of its own. The candle gradually changes aromas as it burns down. You get a remarkable selection of thrilling fragrances to add energy, romance, improve mood, and aid relaxation. Each candle has it's own luxury lid and comes in a fine gift box suitable for giving. Get several to place in living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Ideal for home office to make work much more enjoyable.
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