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    Brighten Up Your Home Décor & Spread A Welcoming Ambiance With Home Lights White Pillar Candles!

    We combine carefully chosen paraffin wax with a cotton wick that will brighten your décor and spread a warm glow all around making them ideal for setting a romantic or peaceful mood.

    Unlike traditional candles, our pillar candles are hand-poured in Europe with pure paraffin and will burn for up to 25+ hours. They are perfect for anyone that wants to spend more time enjoying and less time replacing burned candles or cleaning wax drippings. 

    Burn Longer & Cleaner Without Any Smoke Or Flickers

    Home Lights pillar candles are dripless, smokeless, and just right for any event or occasion. They’re perfect for weddings, parties, festivals, anniversaries, and more where you want to elevate the look of your décor the elegant way.

    We only use 100% cotton wicks that not only burn for longer but cleaner as well. They don’t make any smoke or flicker so you can use them anywhere you want. They are light and portable so you can easily move them around the house and store when done. 

    Features You’ll Love: 
    - They burn bright without flickering and can be used as emergency lights as well 
    - Each pack comes with 6 pillar candles so you have plenty for any occasion 
    - Pillar candles are stackable and easy to store without taking much space 
    - They keep burning for up to 25+ hours without needing to be replaced 

    Add A Soothing, Eye-Catching & Elegant Touch To Your Décor With Home Lights Pillar Candles

50 Hours Burning Pillar Candles | 2.7x5.9 inch

2.7x2.7 inch | 25 Hours Burning
2.7x5.9 inch | 50 Hours Burning
2.7x7.8 inch | 72 Hours Burning
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